Monday, April 26, 2010


JK got tubes in her ears today - here's to no more ear infections!

Tonight Toby said to me, "you can stop your whining now"
His daddy told him that was a good way to get a spankin
To which he replied: "Did someone say bacon? Mmmm yummy bacon, I like bacon!"

Here's to kids learning to rhyme!

Just another day in paradise!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My new shopping buddy!

The other day JK and I were in Target and I saw a cute jean jacket - Okay I had seen it before with a friend but I knew I didn't need it. On this particular day I tried it on and decided I would just put it in the cart to think about it. The thing is, Lars is very money conscious - not tight, just very conscious.

An example of his thoughts on money: One time when I was shopping with him I said that something was too expensive and that I didn't need it, to which he replied "I've never been so turned on!" - Nice huh?

Anyways, I try, really I do, to be more like him - I'm looking at clothes at Target aren't I? (I love target clothes by the way). But on this particular day I realized for the first time the joy that shopping with my little girl is going to bring me for the rest of my life. It's like she knew how badly I wanted that jacket when she spilled her chocolate milk all over herself and that glorious jacket. Sure there were tears and wet clothes to take care of and yes maybe a security guard came to talk to me when I stripped her down and put new clothes from the little girl section on her - but if you ask me it was the beginning of a beautiful shopping relationship between my daughter and I - I owe you JK!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter egg hunts at school and church are always a great start to our Easter celebrations.And when Pa comes to town there is always more reason to celebrate!
And then there is always the fun of the easter bunny - even if the egg dying smells!

FYI: Toby is still terrified of the idea of anything sneaking into the house at night - he insisted on sleeping with us in the "back room" if the bunny would be coming in through the front door - Poor kid still prays each night that none of his teeth will fall out because there is no way he is letting the tooth fairy near his head and pillow!

So here's to another Happy Easter - and since our church had its semi-annual conference this last weekend which meant a relaxing Sunday at home listening to services, I couldn't resist putting JK in this little get-up on Easter morning!

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