Thursday, February 19, 2009

And Then...

After you have stuffed yourself at Lamberts (and possibly embarrassed yourself) head over to the outlets and pick up some crocs for 7.50 a pair - no joke! Oh and if you don't want the awesome rain boots found above you can pay 5 for regular crocs. I'll be taking orders from anyone who wants some next time I head to Atlanta because I hear their crocs outlet is just as great....

When you go...

So since I have talked everyone I know into going to Mardi Gras in South Alabama next year, let me tell you a few other things to do while you are there. Head to the pier in Fairhope and then get some lunch in Folley at Lamberts - it's worth the drive.

They throw rolls at you and walk around giving you the sides of the day - honestly it was like we were at another Mardi Gras parade, this time instead of beads and stuffed animals they threw food at us - I even found myself clapping and waving my hands in the air for the fried potato and onion man to come to our table a number of times - Good times!

Monday, February 16, 2009

More Mardi Gras

This year some of our cousins / nephews and neice came with us. Here is a picture of their catches after one of the three parades we went to...

Stuffed animals and a stick horse

Beads anyone?

How about a moon pie - we've got every flavor imaginable...

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is one of our favorite times of year here in the South. This family tradition started last year and it will keep going as long as we are here! If you are anywhere even remotely close to Mobile AL I would HIGHLY recommend this trip. Mobile is where the Mardi Gras celebrations started and they (unlike New Orleans) have remained family friendly. It is a BLAST - the kids love it and we can not stop smiling the whole trip. Here our some highlights:

Waiting for the parade to start in Fairhope - one of the cutest towns ever.

JK rocked this trip - slept through the night and was a super trooper through each day

Okay, these guys are little scary, but they throw so much crap at you that it takes some of the fear away.

Stay tuned for more adventures in Mardi Gras - because I can't figure out how to get more than 4 pictures in a post...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Monday, February 9, 2009

Trey's Birthday

Our day started off with Trey jumping on our bed saying it was time to open presents...

Then he wanted to go to IHOP for breakfast....

Then we were off to another friends' birthday....

Finally home for his own party where we had a pinata, food, presents, cake and then some adventures on the Wii Fit....

He had a great day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lucky Seven Tag

Seven things I CAN do:

-Come up with irrational fears - I spent a few months worrying that JK would be born with one eye - seriously.
-Dance - I love it!
-Zone out when I am reading a book - I love being absorbed in a good book, always looking for good recommendations
-Go days without a shower or make-up (see above picture!) - I probably shouldn't admit that, but hey a little dirt ball is in everyone right?
-Love others immediately
-Decorate and make things for my home
-Cook - Just don't make me do it everyday, that takes away the fun

Seven things I CAN NOT do:
-Sing - it terrifies me to even think of doing it in front of people
-Swear with out a lot of effort - don't get me wrong, there was a time that Lars said the words "I didn't know I married a sailor" But now i just can't do it
-Bake - I said I can cook, but baking in the Longneckers world is an art and I just have never measured up on that one - just ask them about my pumpkin pies....
-Spank - I just can't do it.
-Dive - I spent my summers in Arizona with a pool in our backyard and I could never do it
-Watch scary movies
-Eat fish

Seven Things I say the Most:
-Boys, stop fighting
-Shut Up! said when I can't believe something is true
-Do you know how much I love you?... I love you to the moon!
-I miss you
-time to go potty
-you're the prettiest baby in the world
-Run, Run, quick like a bunny

Seven goals for the new year
-Lose the rest of this baby weight
-Keep in touch better
-keep on top of this blog like I would a journal
-finish our never ending list of house projects
-search ponder and pray while reading the scriptures
-save more, spend less
-follow through with good intentions

Seven reasons I fell in love with Lars
- He was a mystery
- He is brilliant
- His dimple
- He played things just right. He asked me out and then waited for two weeks before calling me again. I LOVED it! Then the next time we went out he brought me home before ten. AWESOME, it's like he was reading my mind and knew just how to keep me on my toes and wanting more!
- He is faithful and obedient to ALL gospel principles
- He's handsome and the most confident person I have ever met
- He made me laugh all the time- still does

Seven things I love to eat
- Chocolate
- cookies
- coke
- artichokes
- asparagus
- soup and salad
- Pumpkin bars
- potatoes

Seven people I tag
- All sisters and sister-in-laws (Dana you're included in this group)
- All cousins
- Nicole
- All friends here in Montgomery (Ozark and Pratville too)
- Heidi
- all friends in Virginia
- Everyone - this one was fun, thanks Katie

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Sunday

So yesterday was quite the crazy day around here. Here's the rundown:

After church Trey and Toby were playing in the primary room while me and some others stacked chairs. Their favorite older friend came in and together they all started 'horsing around'. Trey ended up falling and hitting his head, hard enough that he began to cry. The older boy tried to help him up (he is a sweet boy and loves my kids) and either Trey wasn't ready to stand up or he went limp to get out of the boys' arms - the boy released him and Trey fell strait back and hit his head so hard that everyone heard. This time there was no crying. I ran to him and his eyes had rolled back and he was not responding. I began screaming for my friend who is a nurse and then for someone to get Lars. Trey was still not responding, then he began to gag/throw up, my friend knew to turn him to his side and then his eyes fluttered and she was able to tell me he was going to be okay. It took a sec for us to get him to tell us his name - he did and then he began to cry. Lars was there at this point and together we held him.

There were only a few people in the room with us, but each of those people were so appreciated. Two friends held and comforted Julia Karen and Toby, and another friend suggested a blessing right away. My other friend (nurse) knew what to do and that Trey needed to be checked out and told us exactly what to do next.

We spent the rest of the day at Pri-med and then on to the hospital - the Dr wanted a Cat Scan. Trey was a champ through it all, in my opinion he is the bravest 4 year old EVER! Everything came back fine but now I am a mess worried that he could fall again.

I am so neuraticaley worried that last night in the middle of the night I thought of a way to protect him (during the night is when I do my best thinking:)) - and here it is...

I was convinced that he was going to wear this helmet everywhere. I can't prevent a fall but I could at least protect his head right?!

Lars immediately told me I was ridiculous and that his son was not going to walk around with a helmet. Hey - he knew I was crazy when we got married - throw kids in the mix and watch out - I will do anything to protect these little guys.

Well needless to say the helmet thing did not last, so now I am just a broken record saying "Trey watch your head". Oh and by the way, Trey now thinks it's funny to come up to me and say 'Mom look at my eyes' and then he rolls them back. Not so funny - but just like his dad he thinks it is funny to mock my obsessive worries.

Another thing I want to remember about this experience: It turns out there was another boy in the back of the room that saw all of this. He is fifteen and I didn't know he was there. Today he and his younger brother showed up on our doorstep with balloons for Trey and Toby. He told me he was there and that he himself had fallen when he was younger and remembered how scared he was and what a long day of tests and Drs it was after his fall. He wanted to do something for Trey. He not only made Trey's day but he was an answer to my prayers. Throughout all of this I kept thinking: 'I know all kids fall, but why did Trey black out and will this keep happening to him?' Looking at this young man gave me confidence that Trey will be fine. Hopefully he will grow to have a heart like him as well.

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