Monday, November 8, 2010

A visit and Halloween

a bathtub

a shark costume
pumpkin bars
carved pumpkins
a ceiling fan
another bathtub
homemade caramel
electrical outlets
more pumpkin bars
14 family boards
and homemade truffles

What do all of these things have in common? All of the above were either fixed or made when my parents came for a visit! I am convinced that if we lived closer to them I would no longer live in a fixer-upper and my life would be roses all the time - I have lived across the country from them for 8 years now - so I am allowed to believe what I want.

And life really is great when they are around. My kids were so excited for Halloween because it meant Grandma and Papa would be here - seriously, they were more excited for their grandparents to get here than for the festivities of our Halloween week. But, of course, most or our pictures were taken because of Halloween so here are some of our favorites from the week even if Grandma and Papa are missing from some of the shots

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