Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hard Day

Being a mom brings me more joy than I could ever describe - but some days being a mom is hard. Yesterday I noticed JK was walking a little funny. Lars referred to her walk as a "hitch in her giddy-up". I took her to the doctor today and after watching her walk and examining her he told me he thinks she has an infection in her hip. I was not expecting anything like that and then when he wanted to look at her blood my world felt out of control. I cried in the waiting room all the while playing a rousing game of "I Spy" with Toby and JK because that's what moms do right? - we fake normal when nothing is normal.

JK'a blood work came back normal and to use the words of our doctor, "it's not leukemia" - he knows me that well to know that I went THERE immediatly (have I ever blogged about the time I was struggling with fears of SIDS and he asked if he could pray with me - I can not tell you how much we love him).

I write this post because I want my kids to know that while motherhood is my greatest joy, it is also my EVERYTHING during this season of my life and that sometimes means being a mom is scary. The only way I make it through the hard times of being a mom is having faith in God and knowing that he has a plan for each of us - and then I thank him everyday for letting me be thier mom.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The best sporting experience ever

The boys played basketball this winter and I have never been so impressed. Not with their skillz necessarily but with the organization they played with. Every game the coordinators would start it off by turning off the lights, starting the fog machine (i kid you not) and the music would pump through the sound system as the announcer would yell out each kids name as they ran onto the court. How great is that - I practically wanted to run onto the court through the fog machine every game. At half time the kids would go into their room for a pep talk and a scripture while a pastor would give the rest of us a devotional in the gym. Yes - we are in the bible belt can you tell? And we are loving every minute of it.

Toby bought this bandana with some of his Christmas money and insisted on wearing it every game and in his team pictures - Holla!

Trey is now OBSESSED with all things basketball - March Madness has lived up to it's name around here with him entering his first bracket - one guess who he has going all the way....

A little memory from the bball season: The kids are matched up based on their colored wrist band. One day Trey was matched up to a kid with long and beautiful hair done in corn rows - honestly the most beautiful long hair I had ever seen. I yelled at Trey all game to, "stay with her Trey", "keep on her Trey" etc. At one point I asked Lars if he was sure the girl Trey was guarding was actually a girl - because I was being really loud. Lars assured me she was a girl. Nope - she was a HE and I was red for the rest of the season everytime I saw his parents. Awesome.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Superman

Have you seen Waiting for Superman? The movie hits a little close to home right now. Our own lottery happened on Monday and now we wait to hear about the future for our little guy.

We live in a historical district close to downtown and each day we wave to our neighbors as we pass each other driving to different schools (some going to magnet schools others to private schools) - each of us passing our local elementary without a second glance. As much as I want to take a second glance I know that I am not going to put my child in a failing environmnent. And yet that is our local school. For various reasons I struggle with the idea of ptivate schools and we decided a long time ago those were off the table.(and yes one of those reasons is the cost - 10,000 a year at some!!!)

So our children interview and test to get into a public academic magnet school here - one that feeds into one of the top 25 public high schools in our country. Only 80 are taken in the first round, 20 in the second round with an estimated 350+ applicants.

Can you hear my upset stomach from where you are reading this - because it is turning something fierce as we WAIT....


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