Tuesday, March 31, 2009

welcome back My Boys - I've missed you!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Toby and his talk

Toby spoke in primary this last Sunday. He showed pictures of different homes that we either drew or cut out from magazines last Monday for family home evening. In his talk he said that we all live in different kinds of homes but that we should all try to have Jesus in our home.

So the funny part of this was that we had turned on the mic for him and for some reason the kids thought it was hilarious every time he spoke into the mic (ok his lips were right up on it). I thought for sure this would embarrass Toby - nope he was on a roll up there, the more they laughed the more he loved it and smiled the above smile. Lars came in to listen and one of the 10 year old boys turned to him and said "You've got a comedian on your hands." I don't know if I will ever figure this little guy out.

Another funny church story about Toby I want to remember: One day in his Sunday school class I was sitting with him because he was not a happy camper - he wanted to say the prayer so I helped him. I said into his ear: "say thank you for your teacher" and he yelled out, "but I don't like my teacher" Nice Toby - she and I both laughed. Things have changed though and now he won't stop talking about how his teacher is coming to our house next Friday (I am hosting our primary inservice). He really does keep us laughing - and sometimes screaming....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love you, I love you, I love you

Say what you want about the movie and the bad acting - I love it. This weekend a bunch of friends had a Twilight party complete with vampire food and even Twilight chocolate bars. I wasn't able to attend the whole thing so I downloaded the movie to TiVo and made Lars watch it with me. I told Lars ahead of time absolutely no mocking during the movie so I wasn't totally surprised that he seemed into it - but my ubber picky ubber smart husband really liked it. I think I almost have him talked into reading the books. He can read a 400 page book in a day or two so I won't miss him like he missed me for most of last summer while I read the series, but hey who knows maybe I will start reading them again this summer (so long house work, see you in the fall!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

spring is here

And so are my allergies! Sure our screened in porch is covered in a yellow powder of pollen and bees are swarming our azalea bush - but I'm lovin it, itching and sneezing aside!

I told the boys our goal should be to color each brick before summer - I wonder if the rain will wash away our goal...

I even busted out the pedicure splurge - Has anyone ever seen bigger toes? Perhaps red wasn't such a good idea...

And now each day is spend outside with sidewalk chalk and the bubble machine along with a few good sticks - my boys' favorite toy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Haps

It is spring break around here and we are livin it up. On Monday we started the week off with a 'Bracket Family Home Evening' at our friends house. Six families gathered, had a spiritual message, ate, and filled out our brackets - the winner will get tickets to a baseball game - thanks McEwens!

Then our friends came into town and we had a blast. A Girls Night Out and a day/picnic at the zoo were just a few of the things we did. - Thanks for visiting Nicole, Nora and Audrey!

Then someone around here turned 33! A group of us went to dinner to celebrate and although EVERYONE had been told absolutely NO singing - someone told the waitress - when they started clapping Lars was able to shut them down with one wag of the finger and a look! It was HILARIOUS, but needless to say I doubt I will get him near a restaurant ever again during the month of MARCH!

Since I don't have a pic of Lars, enjoy this one of JK and the boys - doesn't he make darling children? The boys are posed in front of our family mascott (get it Giraffes and Longneckers...)

So, here is to a fun Spring Break week where the weather has been in the high 70's and friends have been eager to celebrate the fun of it all!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Girls weekend

So this weekend Lars took over so that I could spend a weekend with these two. How fun is it that my best friend and sister-in-law became so close when they both moved to Tennessee a few years ago. They really are so close and so when we all get together it is a blast! Our weekend was filled with late nights, eating out and shopping - could anything be better? In fact we sat and talked in Macaroni Grill for over two hours - I don't remember the last time I was able to do that. We were especially loving our husbands who were taking care of sick kids - yep that's right we all got a weekend away (Al has since moved out west) while our husbands took care of the puke, diahrrea and sore throats. Thanks Lars, Matt and Erik because of you guys I am rejuvinated.

On the drive home I thought 'I need to do this more often - I am better for it and I remember the Candi before kids who is a huge part of me and she needs to be remembered more often!' So who's up for the next girls trip? (Nicole, we'll just have to make it feel like your girls are part of us when you come next week - that's what I did with her...)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dance Party

This weekend we made the most of having family over and spent some time having a dance party - on the wii that is. How fun are my parents to bust a move....

Also - I am pretty sure you can catch some great video clips of my sister in law Alison on the wii fit hula hoop - just check it out on facebook

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A beautiful blessing day

Julia Karen was blessed today - it was a wonderful day. Thank you everyone for making it such a great day and weekend. We love our family that was here and thought a lot about those that weren't. Here are some pics. Notice the snow through the window - we woke up to a winter wonderland - CRAZY but beautifully white and clean.

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