Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Words

My heart is full for so many people here in Alabama and in the South. I have been glued to the news watching as the number of deaths is rising constantly. I wonder if the rest of the country really understands the destruction down here. There are towns that are gone. People are still missing - it is overwhelming. Our thoughts are with all of those that are hurting.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More of our house

Okay after only 3 weeks and 4 days on the market we have an offer and a signed contract on our home. I know that in this market this is very rare, so we are really excited - but there is a catch - we have to be out in exactly a month! So while the blessing of a sold home (it is considered contingent for another week) is wonderful, the timing of it all has left me in a state of confusion. Do we move to an apartment? Or maybe I should just extend my time in Boise and have Lars slum it while we build - lots of stuff to work through but while we do I need to keep my house posts rolling so that I can always remember our first home.

The living room is where our family does everything. Many Friday nights a mattress is pulled out for a giant slumber/jumping party complete with popcorn and movies. When there's no matress on the floor our serious regrets of buying a couch with removable cushions is always on display as the kids build a "pillow pit" in the center of the room.

The screened in porch is what kind of sold me on this house - it just seemed so southern and charming. The blue ceiling was the icing on the cake. During the first summer we lived here our AC went out over the 4th of July making it hard to get someone out to fix it. During that time we LIVED on that porch and it was AWESOME. We debated sleeping out there like they used to before AC and all my pre-teen love for the movie Man in the Moon seemed to come to life. During the summer it is called our popsicle room and I have loved throwing showers at our home and using it to set up a 'drink station'.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was just right around here (does it get any better than 80 degree weather). It was the perfect combo of treats, egghunts and dying eggs, as well as a great day at church to remember what it is all about.

Hope your Easter was just as nice!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Our house

Our house is on the market and I want to take time to blog about each room and the memories we have made here before it sells (it's good to be positive right?). And since we had three showings last week I am REFUSING to clean the house today - so why not blog about one of our favorite rooms. This is the room that my children bless the food each night and on a very regular basis ask God to "make this food taste good". I love that it is seperate from the kitchen and can be closed off to the rest of the house or open with it's three doors. Many dinners, showers, church meetings, conversations and crafts have been held in this room and I want to always be able to remember it.

And if I could, would you mind answering a question for me? Do you buy into the thought that I should remove all personal photos from the house while it is on the market? I really hesitate to ask a question on this blog - I never have before (if only 2 people comment does that mean I only have 2 friends? - neurotic thoughts like these keep me from asking more) but a friend recently told me that I should probably remove the photos and I am torn....


Friday, April 15, 2011


My baby sister is getting married. Let the party planning begin! Not that we need an excuse to plan a party during the summer (it's what we do best) but come on - isn't wedding planning the best! And as though Lars needed another reason to love BYU football she is marrying a BYU football player.

Congrats to Kelsey and Mike! Love you guys!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Lately Trey has been very interested in religion.

We have many conversations about people and what they believe.

The other night on our way home from soccer practice Trey asked us the following questions:

Can a Jewish person marry a Christian?

What is the difference between a Catholic and a Mormon?

Do Buddists read the Bible? What do they read?

He is only 7 and is constantly keeping us on our toes and proving the point that children have a desire to believe and know of something greater -

And in case you think that our family is always full of deep conversations like this, Toby and Trey ended the conversation with this little tid bit:

Is Jesus God? Trey answered Toby's question and then said:

And Toby did you know that God spelled backwards is dog.

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