Wednesday, December 7, 2011

JK turned 3

Julia Karen - you are 3 now. You love the color pink, ice cream, cinderella and minnie mouse. You were Cinderella for Halloween and I don't think there was a day that went by from the day you got your costume until your birthday that you didn't wear it. You are beautiful and you love to tell us that you love all of us. We say "I love you" and you reply, "No I love Mommy, and Daddy and Cay (Trey) and Kerby (Toby)". For a long time you called Toby Poopy - so Kerby is an improvement. You have just really started to talk during these last couple of months and it is so fun watching you grow. You have learned to love nursery and your love for all babies makes me think you will always have the nurture bug in you (even if you do love to yell at all of us if we aren't doing things your way). To say your brothers adore you would be a huge understatement - sometimes they will say "isn't baby cute". Yes they still call you baby and I wonder if they will ever stop. I am becoming more comfortable with the fact that our family might be complete - but I know that it is because of you that I can feel this way. I have often said that Trey is my joy and Toby is my heart - you my girl are my smile and that has always been very precious to me. I love you JK! Happy 3rd birthday!

Remember the time when....

Trey and Toby started school! It was a rough start for Toby who thinks taking a nap is for the birds (I kind of agree) he got into the swing of things though and both boys have been loving school ever since. Toby loved that Pa came on his first field trip to the fire station with him and that his daddy went with him to the Pumpkin patch. I helped run the "Indian jewelry" station for the big thanksgiving feast - needless to say this kindergarten class has been on the go and it has been fun watching Toby learn and grow as he has started school. Trey has been busy going on field trips to a corn maze and a gem show - he is working on multiplication and still loves to read - he makes us look like awesome parents who work with him as he works a grade ahead - but honestly it is all him. Enough of the blagging, right? But yeah for school!

Remember the time...

When we went to Boise for summer 2011 and it was AWESOME!

We get to Boise and Lars and I can't get enough of the cool grass that you can lay on for hours - something I took for granted growing up out west but will never again! There are NO fire ants there and we spend hours in the grass for that reason. We can't get enough of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and PaPa - and that goes for all of us. I get to spend time with my cousins - JK and E even went to a princess camp that my cousins girls (who we LOVE) put on. We spent time on BSU's campus and the boys will do a sports camp there this coming up summer - we play outside - make crafts (you should see JK's pillowcase dresses that my sister 'taught' us to make)- every night is a slumber party - we swim - we laugh - we do photography sessions - we walk to Powells candy store - we get snowcones - we spend time downtown at the farmers market and at the fountain - WE LOVE SUMMERS IN BOISE! This year we planned a wedding (Kelsey I need some photos) and then added a new tradition - a reunion in Kanab! I think Kanab may be Lars' second favorite vacation destination now because of my family there - he thinks they are the greatest. My cousins take him on 4 wheel rides even if it is at 11pm. And then he gets to spend a day riding which is his favorite - weanwhile my kids get to do all the things that we don't normally do (shoot guns, ride horses, etc). Even now as I write this post - it is Christmas time - and I am aching for carefree summer days surrounded by those we love! Good thing it is only 6 months away, but who's counting!

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