Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remember the time...

When we went to Boise for summer 2011 and it was AWESOME!

We get to Boise and Lars and I can't get enough of the cool grass that you can lay on for hours - something I took for granted growing up out west but will never again! There are NO fire ants there and we spend hours in the grass for that reason. We can't get enough of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and PaPa - and that goes for all of us. I get to spend time with my cousins - JK and E even went to a princess camp that my cousins girls (who we LOVE) put on. We spent time on BSU's campus and the boys will do a sports camp there this coming up summer - we play outside - make crafts (you should see JK's pillowcase dresses that my sister 'taught' us to make)- every night is a slumber party - we swim - we laugh - we do photography sessions - we walk to Powells candy store - we get snowcones - we spend time downtown at the farmers market and at the fountain - WE LOVE SUMMERS IN BOISE! This year we planned a wedding (Kelsey I need some photos) and then added a new tradition - a reunion in Kanab! I think Kanab may be Lars' second favorite vacation destination now because of my family there - he thinks they are the greatest. My cousins take him on 4 wheel rides even if it is at 11pm. And then he gets to spend a day riding which is his favorite - weanwhile my kids get to do all the things that we don't normally do (shoot guns, ride horses, etc). Even now as I write this post - it is Christmas time - and I am aching for carefree summer days surrounded by those we love! Good thing it is only 6 months away, but who's counting!


Nicole Bolinger December 7, 2011 at 6:20 PM  

sounds nice!! Miss you my friend!

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