Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello First Grade

Monday, May 17, 2010

I can do hard things... with my moms help

This is what our deck used to look like. A few years back I decided to paint it (okay have Lars paint it) the color of our off white house trim. Not my brightest moment considering we live in an OLD part of town with massive (think take out your home in severe weather) trees ALL OVER. So after many failed - and broken - pressure washing tries this is what we were left with.

I have been complaining about this deck and our backyard for a while now. Well, after Lars spoiled me with the best Mothers Day shopping weekend with my mom and sister and an afternoon at a foot spa (so worth another post) with my mom, sister and sister-in-law I decided I needed to show him some love.

So I decided that I can do hard things... with my mom's help.

Here is our deck now:I know it is not the best picture, and yes the leaves are already all over it. But all of the spindles got painted and the deck floor is a chocolate brown (3 coats thank you very much) way more sensible.The kids' area also got washed as well as the area around our shed. Now our only task for this summer is laying down weed barriers and new mulch for the areas bordering our fence. Too bad my mom couldn't stay for another week because with her help I could probably finish our yard and maybe even our master bathroom - that's right, it's still not done!

Thanks mom - we miss you already and not just for the manual labor!

End of the school year already?

The boys both had end of the year performances these last couple of weeks.

Trey made us promise we wouldn't take pictures of him in his chick costume. He was too cute, we couldn't help it! At one point in his performance he simply disappeared. All the kids were standing there and singing and Trey was no where to be found. I started to panic - Lars even got a little worried. I was convinced he had fainted. I mentally began to chart a path on to the stage to find out if my little boy was ok. Then about a song later he popped up. After the performance we asked where he went and he said he got tired of standing there so he sat down for awhile - can't argue with that.
Toby, on the other hand, was eager to shine. His class began there last song and Toby and another boy brought the house down. At one point he was singing so loud (determined to out-sing the other loud boy) that I thought he would pass out from straining so hard. People were in tears they were laughing so hard. A very proud moment if you ask me...And can you believe our luck - Grandma was here for many end of the year activities! The kids loved having her here - can you tell?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I know in my heart of hearts that I am a good mom - but I believe this mostly because of him. It's because of him that on days like today when Toby tells me that JK has put a sock in the toilet (the same toilet he just pooped in), I just have to tell myself that the above guy will soon walk through the door and all will be right. The kids will run and squeal and I will breathe a little bit calmer.

So on this Mothers Day, I am grateful for my husband who supports me and helps me each day be the mom I am trying to be. I am grateful for the kids that bring me joy and happiness each and every day just by being them. I'm grateful for a mom who did it on her own for so many years and is still the best example I could ever ask for.

Happy Mothers Day to you all!

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