Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Sprinkle

A few years ago 6 of my friends moved away in a six month time period. The last one that left made things especially lonely for me (hi Nicole:)) I began to pray for friendships - I believe in the power of girlfriends. About a month later my friend Kathleen introduced me to a girl named Cindy and thus my prayers were answered. Seriously.

So when her third baby boy came into the world we celebrated with a "sprinkle" to show our love and excitement for her family.
Cindy and her mom.

I believe in two things at a shower: good friends and good food - I think we accomplished that!

Drinks (lemonade bar) were served on the screened in porch and the weather was perfect for it.
Thanks ladies for helping throw a great shower/'sprinkle' for such a lucky baby and his awesome mommy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Julia

A few weeks ago my mom called to remind me that Julia's birthday was coming up. She wanted to know what we would be doing this year to honor her. We decided to participate in a walk and it happened that on the same day as Julia's birthday there was a walk for breast cancer - so we signed up. We didn't run, we just walked as a family. Before we left our house for the walk that day, the kids layed in bed with us and we told stories about their "munner". Mostly we told them about how much she loved them, what a great woman she was and that we should never forget her or the things she felt strongly for while she was living.

The next day, our cousins came for a short trip and together we had a dinner celebrating all things Munner. Each grandchild shared memories of her and Lars and Kim told stories about their mother. It was a wonderful weekend and although the loss of Julia is always painful, I love this new tradition of celebrating her each year on her birthday.

This tradition has sparked in me, probably for the very first time, (- gasp how am I a good mormon girl? -) the interest in teaching my children about geneology and their ancestors. As hard as it is, Lars has suggested a family night where we talk about my own dad - the life he lived and even the hardships that he faced before dying almost 7 years ago. I want my children to know and feel connected to those who have come before them. Family really is everything - and I hope I can teach my kids this.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What we are up to...

Lots and lots of this.
Trey's coach is especially good lookin if I do say so myself - and I can since I'm married to him.

And most of my time is spent chasing this little thing off of the field.

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