Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't forget

Life seems to be going fast - and there are so many things that I don't want to forget.

Tonight while snuggling with my boys before bed, Trey got really serious and said, "Mommy, how do you do an armpit fart?" Toby asked what that was and Trey said; "It's this really fancy thing you do with your armpit!"

During spring break, I told the boys that I did not want to spend our spring break 'getting after' bad behavior - to which Toby replied; "Well everyday is your spring break mommy." So true Toby, so true.

During that same spring break a bunch (10 or so) of kids were at our house playing. Our neighbor invited us all over for lunch and so I yelled for the kids to come downstairs and waited as I watched them head out the front door. The house was quiet and so I locked up and headed over myself. Once there we started serving the kids and noticed 2 were missing.... I had left them alone and locked them in my house!!! As JK would say, 'Oopsie Daisies'....

A few Saturdays ago our family had been out for the day running errands when my neighbor called saying she needed to talk to me about something. It turns out while we were gone her son had come over to play and when no one answered the door he checked to see if it was locked - it wasn't (apparently I only lock the doors when I want to leave other peoples children alone in our home) he decided this was the perfect opportunity to spend the day with our Wii. She thought he was at another friends house and after discovering he wasn't there saw his bike at our place, knocked, and when no one answered her "spidey senses" went off - she checked our door and walked in to find her son enjoying the day in our Wii room. Good to know someone was holding down the fort for us! While she explained 'breaking and entering' to her son, we laughed.

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