Monday, April 27, 2009

Confederate Memorial Day

Happy Confederate Memorial Day!

Perhaps some of you didn't know that such a thing existed -well it does and in honor of it and this glorious state of Alabama that gives Lars this day off each year I would like to post some things I love about the South (ok Alabama specifically) - Good and Bad.

Shoes are optional - rockin! I loathe socks! Oh wait, it's really just the kids that don't wear shoes down here...

Lemonade and sweet tea abound- doesn't it just feel like you should have a tall glass right now and come swing with me on my screened in front porch - you know you want to.

The words "Bless Her Heart" allows you to say anything. For instance; while I was pregnant many people would say: "Bless your heart you look like you are going to explode" Nice. or another favorite "Bless your heart you just can't get anywhere on time can you?" Awesome. Thank goodness my heart has been blessed before you stabbed it!

Yes Mam - good ol' southern charm at its finest. I even like that my kids are being taught to say it.

Wednesday is church night for EVERYONE down here. Seriously nobody plans things on Wednesday night because it is church night for all religions.

Sweet Home Alabama - the song that is. Once I was waiting in a doctors office and a woman was called back while the song was being performed on a TV talk show - the woman said "not until our anthem is finished".

Now any of you true southerners add to this list and Happy CMD to YA'LL (you like that, don't ya).

Friday, April 17, 2009

As good as it gets

Hope everyone had a great Easter - this picture is as good as we could get after church this last Sunday. Oh, and remember my ramblings on how to stretch out a holiday - yah well, I'm Eastered out - seriously, were four Easter egg hunts really necessary?...

What is it with moms and over-doing things - I have learned my lesson! I am not even going to tell the kids about our next holiday coming up - sure it is Confederate Memorial Day, but I think instead of going to some sort of North vs. South re-enactment we will go out to lunch and sleep in.

I'm laughing at any of you who actually thought we would go to a North vs. South re-enactment. Although, I've heard they are quite entertaining....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter so far....

As with all holidays and little kids - one day is so not enough time to fully celebrate. Here are a few things we have been up to...

Kissing JK's cheeks - way better than eating Easter candy

Resurrection Eggs - by far my favorite Family Home Evening of the year - the kids love finding them and then learning about the real reason we celebrate Easter.

Easter egg hunts at school are always a hit.

Trey's class got bunny ears to wear - he was not having any of that! (Seriously, he walked in and saw them on everyone and froze. Pink and cartoonish on his body - no way. Thanks Mrs. Elizabeth for knowing right away to tell him he didn't have to wear them) We found a great place to put the ears instead!
Happy Easter so far - and just think we still have two parties before the actual day gets here. Now that is how you celebrate a holiday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4 months

So I am almost five months and here are some of the things I can do.... I can bring my hands together and play with the ball in my jungle gym. I love to play with my toes and sit up like a big girl in my exersaucer. If my mommy puts all her weight next to me when I am laying on the bed, I can almost roll over - and she gets really excited for me! I giggle through my nose and I even sleep through the night (just depends on my mood). I ADORE my brothers except when they try to do 5 way kisses at night after family prayer - they make loud slobbery noises in my face - they think it is funny but it scares me to death! Just today I got upset with my mommy for covering my view of my daddy - he is so fun to look at! Oh, and I am so past the sit and rock with you phase - that was so last month - now I need to be up and walking in my parents arms.

Sometimes my mommy acts like she is going to eat me.
Sometimes I worry these two really will eat me...

I wonder what I will do next month...

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Trey has started soccer and we are loving it. In fact the other night Trey's first game was moved indoors because of the rain - Lars and I learned something about ourselves that night.

While we were waiting for Trey's game to start we listened to these parents yelling at their little girl. They would yell "Follow the ball Rose", or "Kick the ball Rose", and "Run Rose, Run". The whole time I was thinking to myself - 'these parents need to calm themselves down, their just 5 year olds'.

And then Trey took to the field (or gym floor that day) and I honestly don't know what happened but seriously I could not shut up. The whole time I was yelling "Kick it Trey" or "Run Trey, Run"! I knew I sounded like those parents and I knew that others were probably thinking that I needed to calm myself down but I just couldn't! I am embarrassed to admit that at one point I heard the words "Take it from him" come out of my mouth. What!?

When Lars and I got in the car that night we just kind of looked at each other.

Hmmm, next time maybe we shouldn't stand next to the net while Trey is being goalie, no matter how helpful we think we are being....

Proof he does like it even if his parents are nuts!

Look at Lars' face, he is seriously sizing up the competition - what is wrong with us?

At least all of our "encouraging yells" are followed by treats, the real reason kids play.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Birthday wishes

It's my sister's birthday so here is a shout out to her and some of the things I love about her -

A always beautiful
M motivated to learn and create
O open to trying new things
R really loyal to those she loves
A a blast to be around with a great smile and laugh that can make anyone happy

I love you Aimee - Happy birthday

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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