Thursday, September 25, 2008

Idaho Part 1

This summer we went home to Idaho for two weeks. I LOVE going home and wish we lived closer so that I could do it more often, but at least when we do fly out we make it worth it and spend a lot of time there. First on my list of things to do was to see the house I grew up in - here it is. I had seen all the pictures and news reports, but ultimately it was still shocking. Our home really is gone. My parents and sister have nothing. It was overwhelming - but what is so amazing is how awesome everyone has handled it. The love that people have shown my family has played a large part in their positive attitudes. While I was home we had a shower for my mom and I think 80+ people came, it was fantastic. So now the house is completely gone and the rebuilding process starts. It will be a long few months but I have no doubt that my family will find all the good in each step of the way.

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Stay tuned for more of our trip to Idaho....

Snuffles and Doggie

Snuffles the Dinosaur and Doggie the dog have joined our family and they are a HUGE part of our family. Everynight Lars or I have to share a story about their adventures before the boys go to bed. So I have to say I will take a pricey trip to Build A Bear anyday over real pets in our home. I haven't potty trained Toby yet so I doubt an animal is in our future....

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4th of July

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays around here. Our neighborhood puts on a great parade that everyone dresses up for, the kids decorate their bikes and strollers and throw candy at all the people watching. Lars' dad always comes for the 4th and we start the festivities with a Montgomery Buscuits game and fireworks on the 3rd. Then a morning breakfast on the 4th followed by our parade. More fireworks that evening round out our 4th celebration - Yeah America!

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At the Beach

This summer we spent a week at the beach with Pa, the Halls and the Tennessee Longneckers. We had a blast, the house was great and the beach was beautiful. Some of our highlights were watching sunsets on the beach, the kids playing together all they wanted without having to say goodbye, the pool that was connected to the house, and my personal favorite the outdoor shower. No there was no adult streaking, but I did keep shampoo outside by the shower and it cut down on the tedious task of showering after each trip to the beach or dip in the pool. (For those of you who know me - taking a shower is not high on my priority list anyways, so an outdoor one was ideal). Thanks Longneckers for the fun memories. We love you all!

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Yankees in the South????

This summer Trey played T-ball for the first time. Lars was his coach and they had a blast. Toby was disappointed not to be able to get in on the action but next year they will be able to play together! It was fun for the whole family. The best part of course was the trophy at the end and probably having his daddy as his coach. As a side note I will say that Lars was very sad when he found out that they would be the Yankees, so next year maybe we can bribe someone to let us be the Braves....

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, after a year of saying that I want to start a blog I am actually doing it! I am constantly lurking on others blogs and feeling like I am in touch with friends because of their great blogs - so now I am joining the blogging community. I have to say the thing that has drawn me to blogging more than anything is that it seems to be a way to 'journal' that I might actually keep up on. So here's to another blog in the world - hopefully it will provide a portion of the great entertainment I have enjoyed from all of yours.

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