Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Remember the time when....

Trey and Toby started school! It was a rough start for Toby who thinks taking a nap is for the birds (I kind of agree) he got into the swing of things though and both boys have been loving school ever since. Toby loved that Pa came on his first field trip to the fire station with him and that his daddy went with him to the Pumpkin patch. I helped run the "Indian jewelry" station for the big thanksgiving feast - needless to say this kindergarten class has been on the go and it has been fun watching Toby learn and grow as he has started school. Trey has been busy going on field trips to a corn maze and a gem show - he is working on multiplication and still loves to read - he makes us look like awesome parents who work with him as he works a grade ahead - but honestly it is all him. Enough of the blagging, right? But yeah for school!


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