Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school

School has started and the boys are loving every minute of it.

Trey is in the 1st grade and doing well. I am constantly amazed at his little mind. He is a math wiz - he loves multiplication and division questions and can answer anything you throw at him. He is a fast little reader as well - this summer as we drove, he would finish a Junie B Jones book in an hour and start a new one. We love our Trey and can't wait to see him at the end of each school day!

And now for a funny story:

Trey's school provides a bag for each child. Each day a folder is sent home with homework and important papers to be returned the next day. Well 8 days in and surprise surprise, I forgot the folder. So that day when Trey got into the car I grabbed his bag to make sure the papers got sent home even w/o the folder - they did and low and behold there was a coke zero in there as well. Hmmm, then it dawned on me that JK (who is obsessed with Trey's bag and carries it around each day after school) must have put it in there the day before while she was in the kitchen - with the bag on her shoulder - "helping me cook dinner". I remembered that just a few days before I had found a pacifier in his bag as well. Then the dread set in and I had to ask:

"Trey, did your teacher see this?" Sodas are BIG NO NO's. Drinks have to be 100% juice, milk or water.

He replied, "Yes, but I don't want to talk abut it. It's too embarrassing."

Embarrassing for you or for me I asked him. To which he replied:

"For you - she said I need to teach you not to bring sodas for me!"


So to review what this teacher knows about me.... I missed the open house when we were in Boise (and no one does that at this particular school), I forgot the folder within the first 8 days of school, and now I send my child to school with a DIET CAFFEINATED soda. I'd say we are off to an impressive start!

And now for my Toby! He has Mrs. Elizabeth this year and we are so happy for that. I believe she is THE BEST preschool teacher ever. It helps that she is one of my closest friends - but because of that, I know how much she loves her students. She has a masters in special education and we get to have her each day as our preschool teacher! We completely give her all the credit for teaching Trey to read. Already Toby is learning to spell words out loud and he loves going to school each day.

On the 2nd day of school Mrs Elizabeth told the students that the next day they would start using the green light/red light system (to help with behavior) to which Toby sang out in a dooms day kind of way for his whole class to hear: Duun, dun, Duuuun.

We love our funny Toby!


The Longnecker Zoo August 24, 2010 at 2:50 PM  

How sinful of you to "send in a diet coke" Oh the shame! :) I laughed that that. Too funny.

Nicole August 24, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

THat's Hilarious! I LOVE you and miss you!! I can just hear you telling that story and freaking out about it!

klonghall August 25, 2010 at 5:29 AM  

I can think of a whole list of things that would have been worse for her to have put in that bag. I'd say count your blessings it was just Coke Zero! :-) I hope the teacher gets a chuckle when she finds out the real story. I have found that I really need for my kids to have a teacher with a sense of humor. We get along so much better when we can laugh together about the antics at my house and the things my children say at school. I love seeing these pix. We need to see you in person soon!

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