Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Time

It's Christmas time, or so I have been told.... Life is crazy with our new little one and so my Christmas cheer seems to be lacking this year. Good thing my mom came and decorated our house and has set up 25 days of Christmas suprises for my boys. The other day Trey said that December is the best month ever! Every morning the boys look in their Christmas bags, then run to get into the avent calendar for a morning sugar dose followed by a search for the "Elf on the Shelf". Lars has been taking care of all of these things and for that I am convinced he is Super Dad!

Here are a few pictures, our church did a fantastic Interfaith nativity display that I helped a tiny bit with - It is one of my favorite things about living here in Montgomery. We have also been to see Santa a couple of times at the 'Boat Shop' as Toby calls it. It's the Bass Pro-Shop and it is great! I hate to say it but it is kind of a Red-Neck Christmas paradise with BB guns and bow and arrow dart guns for the kids to shoot and the Christmas Story playing non stop - the kids love it there, the other day I asked Toby where Santa lives and he said "at the boat shop".

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klonghall December 11, 2008 at 4:19 PM  

OK. I feel really lame. If you can manage to get a blog post written with a new baby & all, what is my problem???

I need someone to put up my Christmas decorations. We still have no tree nor any decorations in the house. We are so lame...

I would love to come down and see the church Nativity thing. That sounds amazing!

mindy December 12, 2008 at 8:34 AM  

i hear you...i'm feeling the same way about christmas this year with a newborn. i wish i would have done my shopping early!! yikes! what a sweet mom you have to do all that. mine came and just napped and ate. well, she folded clothes, that was nice.

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