Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's that time of year

Toby is a little nervous about Santa coming. The other night he wanted to go over a couple things with us. He wanted to make sure that when Santa comes he will not come into his room while he sleeps. (He also wanted to make sure that Jesus won't be coming into his room when He comes again, but that is a whole other discussion....) So we made our annual trip to the BassPro Shop to see Santa - it really is the only place for a true Southerner to say "Hey" to Santa - Toby decided Santa was all right after all.
We did this for Family Home Evening and met up with some other friends from church. Dinner with 22 of us was quite a treat - especially for our waitress

In other thoughts, the house is decorated and I am checking holiday traditions off my list one by one. We have decided to stay here for Christmas this year, it will be the FIRST Christmas Lars and I have ever celebrated in our own home. We hope to have his dad here to celebrate with us. The only problem is now I have to talk Lars into doing our neighborhood caroling and bon fire - he has already told me no way - rude. Jan are you in? We can leave scrooge home by himself to be visited by his ghosts of caroling pasts - I know he has them!


klonghall December 11, 2009 at 6:09 AM  

I read this post this morning on my iPhone, and when I first saw the picture of the "We Believe" sign...I thought it said, "We Behave"... LOL!

Wow! Your first Christmas at YOUR house! So cool! Donnie, who is generally more compliant than my brother, HATES to go caroling, and would definitely REFUSE. His mom wanted all of us to go a few years ago to some of her elderly neighbors, and I was proud that he had good enough manners to do what she wanted him to do. (He may have been the only one of his brothers to go with all the women & kids.) I'm pretty sure that's the only way he'd ever go caroling again, too.

I'm sure you can get Dad go go with you. I think you and Allison, especially, have great pull with him. :-) We are excited to get to spend time with you guys after Christmas. We can just make it a week of Christmas celebrations!

The Longnecker Zoo December 13, 2009 at 6:21 PM  

So fun Candi. I would totally be in if I were there. Love all the decorations. YOu need to do a post on all your traditions. We need more, I am just picking at how I will spend my time so they have to be good. BUt all yours are always good.
Can't wait to see you guys. Love ya

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