Friday, November 7, 2008


**8 Favorite TV Shows - in no particular order
1. The Office
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. Bill O'Reilly
4. New Adventures of Old Christine
5. 90210 and Priviliged
6. House Hunters
7. Arthur (my kids love it, so I love it)
8. Lost

**8 Favorite Restaurants - in no particular order but based on where we have lived
1. Cheesecake Factory - my favorite will always be the one in downtown Chicago
2. Bandera - Another favorite in Chicago
3. Brick Oven Beanery - Boise favorite
4. Roasted Artichoke - Center Street in Provo
5. La Madeleine - the one next to the hospital in VA where Toby was born will always be a fav
6. San Fransisco Brick Oven - Next to our home in VA
7. OK Cafe - Atlanta and Julia favorite
8. Panera - an everywhere, especially here in Montgomery favorite

**8 Things that happened yesterday - in order
1. Took Trey to Preschool
2. Came home with Toby and cleaned the bathrooms
3. Met Lars for lunch at his favorite mexican restaurant
4. Went to Lowes for craft projects
5. Wasted time on blogs while kids watched cartoons
6. Played outside with the boys
7. Made dinner for boys - Lars ate candy for dinner, his choice
8. Watched the office with Lars

**8 Things to look forward to - in no particular order
1. Julia Karen's arrival
2. Black Friday Shopping (planning on Thanksgiving is half the fun.)
3. My mom coming and staying for three weeks - thank you!
4. Thanksgiving with family - mine, my mom, Jan and Kim etc.
5. Christmas music
6. Finishing baby girls room
7. Mardi Gras - anyone is welcome!
8. A trip back to Boise to see my families "new home"

**8 things I love about Fall - in no particular order
1. The weather
2. Bright, beautiful colors of the leaves
3. Jeans
4. Halloween and Thanksgiving
5. Kid parties
6. Football games (not that I actually watch them - but Lars loves it)
7. Pumpkin Cake, Caramel Apple Cider, Homemade Soups
8. The smell of a chill in the air

**8 Things on my Wish list - in no particular order
1. Good Health for my family
2. A safe C-section and easy recovery
3. A flat stomach - HA, is that possible after a C-section
4. An easy and happy baby girl
5. Money to travel as much as I want
6. My family will be happy and good people who serve in their communities and the Lord
7. That I will know Gods plan for me and fulfill it
8. That we lived closer to all of our family so that my kids would never have to say goodbye to their cousins/aunts and uncles/grandparents


klonghall November 7, 2008 at 6:03 PM  

We have several things in common! Fall always means pumpkin cake and caramel apple cider! I will always put last year's Black Friday on my list of All-Time Best Shopping Days Ever! Thanks for making it such a fun day! Maybe you'll feel like slipping out for an hour or so this year... Or, at least we can plan on Thanksgiving, and Lars can come with me.

mindy November 8, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

sorry to be the one to tell you this...san fran brick oven closed. they must have gone out of business because you guys left. now there's a different pizza place there. we haven't tried it yet, but maybe i will just for you.

i just sneezed and peed a little (ok, a lot). don't you love that??

and, we're not going with julia--it's all yours'.

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