Friday, June 8, 2012

Trey Baseball

Who knew baseball was so much fun!? Trey became obsessed with playing spring ball during basketball season. There are two things Alabamians take VERY seriously - they are football and baseball. I knew that baseball would not be the fun happy go lucky experience that we have had so far with our sporting adventures - but Trey was convinced and Lars found a way to make it so the kids could keep playing soccer and do baseball at the same time (that way was me - driving non stop from a soccer field to a baseball field - with Lars' help of course:)) I have to document that Lars was very tormented by the boys' obsession with baseball in the beginning. He may have told them that the boy who chose soccer over baseball would be his favorite - they both chose baseball! Toby is a bit of a soccer star this season and Lars' pride is something to behold - but they caught the baseball bug and in the end so did Lars. (He just bought a pitching machine) Toby is still in his T-ball season right now so pictures of him to come - but these are of Trey and his team who tied for first in their division. I can not get over how awesome his coaches were - I will always remember Trey's first home run and how one of his coaches was waiting at home plate for him where he hugged him and threw him in the air to celebrate that run. They did this with each player and I watched that team turn into rock stars by the end - they were unstoppable! Now Trey can not get enough baseball. He wakes up in the morning during the 6'oclock hour and gets on the ipad to check baseball stats. Lars and I wake up each morning to comments like "daddy Chipper Jones got a triple". We love these boys and love seeing their passion for new things!


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