Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1st and 3rd Grade

One of our best school years yet! Could not have asked for better teachers! Trey came into his own this year. He has always been a confident kid - but this year he had FUN! His teacher commented that she felt like she watched him grow into himself and his personality this year. It was awesome to watch. I think a lot of it had to do with an awesome room mom who made the kids in the class become best friends with all the extras she did with them. This was a great year for sports as well where we were able to form a school indoor soccer team - bringing those boys even closer. So far school work remains easy for him and for that I am grateful! Toby had the funnest teachers this year! I wanted to be in their class! At the first sign of Toby's struggles in math his teacher had him meet with a tutor and from that 1 meeting things clicked! He is our most driven child - there is nothing about Toby that is not INTENSE. Keeping it real on here, we have realized that Toby seems to struggle in the Fall and Spring. It took me a while to put this all together but we think a lot of it has to do with allergies - once we figured this out things got better. I am still hoping that he can break through his quiet ways at school - what I wouldn't give to hear that Toby got in trouble for being silly or talking at school.... I know, real problems over here right? But I want him to feel safe at school to share his personality there and so far that hasn't happened completely. With time, I know he will grow into his own just as Trey has - If I look back I believe it took me a while to do that as well! We love our school, the teachers, parents, and friends we have there make us feel blessed everyday!


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