Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trey Turned 9

Trey - you are a joy to be a mother to. People should take life lessons from you. You, my boy, do not sweat the small stuff. You came into this world knowing so much more than the rest of us. Life is simple and sweet to you and you live it to it's fullest. You love all sports and everything that goes with them - you live for the morning stats and can remember the score from a game you played last year. You have become a great soccer goalie and an awesome pitcher. You had a blast playing basketball and we laughed as you would pass the ball to your teammates without looking at them throwing everyone off. You somehow became the main quarterback at school and if we were nicer parents we would probably let you play football on top of all the other sports you play - but sad for you we are not that nice :) You are eager to please and feel great remorse when you have done wrong. You are working at being aware of others feelings and learning that you can make a difference to others. You love your brother and sister fiercely and you and Toby together seem to be able to take on the world as long as you are together. You love to sit in the front seat of the car and are starting to feel grown up. A great story about you is that the other day at a friends house all the kids went to play a video game and you walked by a national geographic on your way - it's cover talked about a baby living to be 120 with modern medicine and science - you asked your friends mom about the article and then sat down to read it ignoring the rest of the group. That is you in a nutshell. If something interests you - you are all in. Eager to learn something new in the most casual way. We love you Trey!


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