Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toby turned 7

Toby, you are our spark! You are our laugh! You love all things with a ball and have proven to be incredibly competitive. You are a soccer star. A story that I always want you to remember is that in your first indoor tournament this year you were asked to play goalie during the 4th quarter. You blocked a huge penalty kick keeping the score tied. Then another boy was asked to play goalie so you could play forward during overtime. That boy refused so you agreed to play gaolie for the overtime period. You did great keeping the game tied and so it went into penalty kicks meaning that 3 kids would get a chance to run and kick while you were in the goal. Your dad (he was the assistant coach) pulled you aside and taught you when to rush the ball - you blocked all 3. The other team did not and you guys won the championship. The best part of that night came later when you were in the car driving to get ice cream to celebrate and you got choked up and said. "thank you daddy for teaching me how to do that, I wouldn't know how without you". Both daddy and I choked up then - what a night for all of us! We love you Toby!


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