Wednesday, June 19, 2013

JK turns 4

Jk, you are 4 now, you are sweet and loving and timid at times and loud at others. You are very smart and have started putting all your letters together to ask if it makes words. You are very timid to go to new places without me with you - in fact, you are my shadow most of the day. You adore my little ponies, coloring (you are by far our best color(er) so far) and helping me cook. Your best friend is our neighbor Logan or his older sister Ivy. You have started to tease Toby by stealing his baseball hat any chance you get and have even picked up some awesome little sayings like "or I will punch you in the face"... it's hard not to laugh when a girl that looks as sweet as you comes up with a saying like that! You used to have to say ALL our family prayers, but have recently decided not to say any. You have a funny little habit of clipping your own nails and toe nails (the above picture captures you perfectly - always picking your nails, especially when you are nervous or asked a question by an adult). You are stubborn and beautiful and you complete us like no one else could!


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