Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A fight and a visit

Lars and I went the rounds this spring. At one point (about 6 weeks) both Trey and Toby were signed up for indoor soccer, baseball and outdoor soccer. Neither boy was on the same team for any of those. I am also a den leader for Trey's cub scouts. This made for some awesome scheduling and taxi driving and to be honest some even more awesome "discussions" between Lars and I. Baseball is serious in Alabama and soccer is serious in the Longnecker home so.... life was 'awesome' this spring - can you hear the sarcasm? All in all we got through it and what made it work was a visit from my sister Natalie. She and Kenedi came for a month and we loved every minute and wished they could have stayed longer. We even squeezed in a trip to the beach with them and Ben who came out for a week too! Lars has already started to talk about a soccer academy and baseball in the fall so I am starting to think that I am a glut-an for punishment.


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